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Greece History

Greece History

Last Update April 3, 2023

Greek History Topics

Attalos II Philometor Euergetes

King Otto of Greece

Constantine II – The Last King of Greece

Byzantium and Constantinople

Hagia Sophia


Parthenon (photo 1920)

Hekatompedon vs Parthenon

Greece 1990s economic survival

Colonel Fabvier in Greece

The Phanariots in Greece

The Junta in Greece 1967-1974

Greece Bicentennial 2021

Archeology in Greece

Description of the original Hagia Sophia of Justinian I from the book History of the Byzantine Empire by George Ostrogorsky


Theodore Colocontranes

Dimitrios Ioannidis

Antonis Samras

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How potatoes came to Greece

April 3, 2023: Story at Irish Central [English]

Greece History Internet Links

March 15, 2022: "Greece feels the squeeze as history closes in all around it"Irish Times

...the past 200 years have seen permanent tension, distrust and aggression between Greece and Turkey. History repeats itself – even in its personnel. The central figure of Greek politics 1910-1935 was Eleutherios Venizelos, a devious, charismatic and deeply divisive character, whose great-great-nephew Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the current prime minister, who lacks his ancestor’s charisma and acumen.

Although Venizelos wasn’t in office at the time of the “Anatolian Catastrophe”, his fingerprints were all over it. Today, Mitsotakis points the Greek finger at Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan for creating a casus belli with Greece by demanding the return of some of the islands it acquired in the period 1913-1947.

August 11, 2021: Women of Troy – "The Booker-winner continues her visceral recounting of the Trojan war from the perspective of its female victims" – Financial Times

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