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The wrong name for centuries?

Parthenon vs Hekatompedon

New information by Dr van Rookhuijzen from Utrecht University, published in American Journal of Archaeology and the National Geographic Magazine, Dutch edition, 2019, argues that her research shows that in ancient writings, the central structure on the Acropolis was known by the name Hekatompedon. The large, ancient temple commonly referred to in the modern era as The Parthenon (translation: "house of virgins") actually applies in ancient writings to the Erechtheion. The far larger, central building on the acropolis mount dedicated to the cult of Athena is essentially known as "the hundred-foot temple," i.e., Hekatompedon.

Dutch scholars claim that the name “Parthenon” – popularized in the Roman period - originally belonged to an entirely different building - UK Telegraph

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