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Mount Olympus Greece Mount Tymfi in Epirus Sithonia and Mount Athos in Greece Lycabettus Mount in Athens Greece Mytikas, the summit of Mount Olympus Evritania Greece Mountain The Pindus mountains The Vikos canyon mountains and the valley Zagori, Ioannina, Greece THESSALY MOUNTAINS Dikti Mountains on Crete Vikos Gorge view from Monastery Agia Perakevi Panorama of the Meteora Mountains Mountain in the Epirus region, Tzoumerka National Park

Mountains of Greece

People around the world think of Greece as an endless series of islands with Athens as a setting for the Acropolis, but mountains are the one element that figures all around Greece, including the islands, and four mountains (Aegalo, Ymittos, Perilli and Parnitha) encircle Athens itself.

The Mountain Municipalities of Greece

Mount Aigaleo [Αιγάλεω] in Athens Greece

Mount Lycabettus in Athens Greece

The Acropolis in Athens

Ymittos Mountain, Attika

Mount Dictaion / Ditki on Crete

Mountains of Athens, Greece

  1. Mount Aigaleo (Αιγάλεω) is ocated to the west of Athens.
  2. Mount Parnitha (Πάρνηθα) is located to the north of Athens.
  3. Mount Pentelicus (Πεντελικόν) is located to the northeast of Athens. This mountain is known for its marble quarries.
  4. Mount Hymettus (Υμηττός) is located to the southeast of Athens.

These mountains, along with the sea to the south, historically defined the natural borders of "the Athenian plain."

The Top Ten Mountains of Greece

Mount Olympus (Olympos) Elevation: ~9,570 feet (2,917 meters)

Mount Smolikas: Elevation: ~8,652 feet (2,637 meters)

Mount Tymfi (Gamila): Elevation: ~8,504 feet (2,592 meters)

Mount Voutsikaki: Elevation: ~8,343 feet (2,543 meters)

Mount Avgo (Aroania) Elevation: ~8,241 feet (2,512 meters)

Mount Giona: Elevation: ~8,235 feet (2,510 meters)

Mount Smolikas: Elevation: ~8,225 feet (2,507 meters)

Mount Pindus (Pindos): Elevation: ~8,200 feet (2,500 meters)

Mount Kyllini (Ziria): Elevation: ~7,870 feet (2,399 meters)

Mount Parnassus (Parnassos): Elevation: ~7,060 feet (2,151 meters)

Kalambaka Mountain Snow in Greece

Kalambaka Mountai

Chortiatis mountain, Greece


The highest mountain is Greece is Mount Olympus with an elevation of 9,573 feet (2,918 meters)

Mount Olympus snow in April

The Vikos and Zagori Valley

The Vikos mountain area and Zagori Valley, Ioninna

About Mount Parnassus

  1. Parnassos: This is the modern Greek name for the mountain.
  2. Parnassos Massif: It is sometimes referred to as a massif, emphasizing the large, elevated landform.
  3. Liakoura: Liakoura is the second-highest peak on Mount Parnassus.
  4. Kallidromo: In ancient times, the southern extension of Mount Parnassus was known as Kallidromo.
  5. Kirphis: This is an ancient name associated with the mountain.

The Mountain Municipalities of Greece

The Acropolis in Athens Greece

The Acropolis - Parthenon and More

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