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Golden Visa of Greece

The Golden Visa of Greece

The investment program that allows an individual or family to migrate to Greece.

Greece has announced new measures to protect locals from a deluge of mainly Chinese nationals purchasing homes and property in exchange for residency rights in the West — what is commonly known as a “Golden Visa” scheme. – VOA News Feb 2024

Southern Europe Golden Visa era coming to an end?

"Foreign investment has led to skyrocketing housing costs."

May 9, 2024: Story at Businesss Insider [English]

The most attractive migration schemes in 2024

A discussion of the residency and long-term investment/residency programs in the countries Malta, Portugal, Greece, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and Spain. Story at BusinessdayMarch 2024

The massive cost change in Greece's Golden Visa program in 2024VOA News

March 2024: A leap to over $800K in costs for the "Golden Visa" is only applied to certain high-in-demand locations within Greece.

Greece has one of the last Golden Visa programs, and it is changing

February 25, 2024: Story at Africa News [English]

Investment fee for Golden Visa going up to €800,000

February 9, 2024: Story at Reuters [English]

Mitsotakis talks about upping cost on Golden Visa, solving student housing, and more

In particular Mitsotakis mentions the proposal of Nikos Androulakis to link the Golden Visa status to owner-occupancy

February 12, 2024: Story at Protothema [Greek]

The "new" Golden Visa changes from €250,000 to €500,000

August 18, 2023: Story at Forbes [English]

Despite efforts to shut down "Golden Visas" in Europe, demand continues

August 16, 2023: Story at BizNews [English]

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Greece's Golden Visa program
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