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Real Estate in Greece

Real Estate in Greece

Last Update May 26, 2024

There has been a massive increase of foreign investment into real estate in Greece over the last several years, much of it linked to the "Golden Visa" program which is reported to have had a recent 740% increase in applications.

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Important Real Estate in Greece Links

For the foreign buyer interested in obtaining a home in Hellas English - Spitsogatos Greek

Spourgiti - Greek

Tranio Greece – English

Remax Greece - English

Understanding Antiparochi and Polykatoikia

  1. Αντιπαροχή (Antiparochi):
    • Antiparochi refers to a type of property exchange or swap. It involves two parties exchanging their properties or lands, often to consolidate their holdings or to meet specific needs. It is also used to describe how a property owner may give up an old house so that they may acquire a new apartment in a building replacing their former property, a practice that grew out of the need for housing during periods of internal migration into Greek cities..
  2. Πολυκατοικία (Polykatoikia):

    • Polykatoikia translates to "apartment building" or "multi-storey building" in English. It is a term used to describe a building with multiple floors or levels, typically designed to accommodate multiple residential units or apartments. It was popularized by the modernization of residential infrastructure and the onset of improved living standards within Greece.

About Ellinikon One of the prime spots along the coast in the southeast of Athens where the Greek "Riveira" is being built .


Where are the record highs in real estate

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Seaside houses along Attika are "gold mines"

May 26, 2024: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

The schedule for auctions of 20,000 properties

May 25, 2024: Story at Powergame [Greek]

The neighborhoods of Athens and which are rising fastest in real estate prices

March 12, 2024: Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Real estate moving toward new high

March 12, 2024: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Giant increase of hotel development in Greece

March 2, 2024:Story at Forbes [English]

Buying and renting homes: the most expensive areas

January 4, 2024: Story at Iefimerida [Greek]


No more real estate transactions to be done with cash

November 16, 2023: Story at Ta Nea [Greek]

Why does Greek real estate continue to overperform?

November 10, 2023:Story at To Vima [Greek]

The huge amount of foreign funding into real estate in 2023

November 5, 2023: Story at Capital [Greek]

The most expensive (and the cheapest) real estate in Greece

October 12, 2023: Story at Powergame [Greek]

Expats are investing into Greek real estate

October 8, 2023: Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Housing crisis with real estate at record levels

October 2, 2023: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Foreign buyers spending more and more in Cyclades

August 5, 2023: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Real estate transfers, step by step

July 30, 2023: Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

Re-Max research shows buyer preferences in the Greek real estate market

May 17, 2023: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

One of the findings is that homes built over 20 years ago are the dominant preference in detached housing.

Property auctions halt until after election

May 3, 2023: Story at Keep Talking Greece [English]

220,000+ square meters of new retail space coming to real estate market

May 3, 2023: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

How foreign buyers and short-term rentals are pushing rising costs in Athens

April 19, 2023: Story at To Vima [Greek]

Real Estate continues climb

April 16, 2023: Story at Liberal [Greek]

Greek real estate "on fire" as prices rise

April 11, 2023:Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

Temporary freeze on Real Estate auctions

April 7, 2023:Story at Powergame [Greek]

The changing of the Golden Visa program

March 10, 2023: story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

X-ray of the real estate market

March 5, 2023: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

The article discusses properties owned by Intercontinental International, BriQ Properties, Premium Properties, Trade Estates, Trastor, Noval Property and Prodea Investments

Telecommuting is radically changing the commercial real estate market

Feb 25, 2023:Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

The affect of rising construction costs on real estate

January 27, 2023: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

The new electronic Real Estate transfer system to contain 17 supporting documents needed by notory

January 20, 2023: Story at Capital [Greek]

Chinese investment into Greek real estate rising

January 10, 2023: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

The continued expected rise in Greek Real Estate values

January 8, 2023: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]


The impact of the large numbers of empty homes upon real estate costs

December 21, 2022: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

The changes in real estate management

December 11, 2022: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

New real estate "objective value" listings released

November 29, 2022: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Most active investors in Greek real estate are Germans, Americans and Britons

October 26, 2022: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Expectations for real estate pricing drops

October 14, 2022: Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

Real estate objective property price plan coming

October 10, 2022: Story at Protothema [Greek]

The real estate auctions for Fall 2022

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

September 19, 2022

Electronic Building Identity irregularities can stop transfers

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

August 23, 2022

Real Estate and the fine print in contracts

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

August 11, 2022

Real estate transfers, step by step

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

July 30, 2022

Rent and sale prices on real estate continues climb

Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

July 16, 2022

Alpha Bank tracking shows rate of Real Estate increases

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

July 8, 2022

Real Estate trends indicate demand grows for "studio" properties

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

June 24, 2022

The demand for "luxurious and ultra-luxury" homes is at the forefront of Real Estate demand

Story at Liberal [Greek]

May 7, 2022

Interest rates and the rising problems with real estate

Story at Liberal [Greek]

June 19, 2022

New Real Estate Acquisition and Leasing system goes live in 15 days

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

April 25, 2022

What can you get by spending 150,000 euros in the current housing market?

April 18, 2022: Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Rapid acceleration in real estate prices

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

March 29, 2022

The most expensive areas of Athens for real estate rent and sales

Feb 19, 2022: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Buying property in the Peloponnese

Heracles, Helen of Troy, Dutch royals . . . join the region’s illustrious residents from €150,000

February 18, 2022: Story at The Times UK [English]

House buying in Greece

[...with] increase in rents and the strong demand from Greeks and foreigners for housing... If we take into account that the sale price per sq.m. for relatively old apartments and in areas considered "affordable", it ranges from 1,300 to 1,500 euros and corresponds to the monthly earnings of a well-paid, to some extent, employee, it is understood why all roads seem to lead to housing. In other words, it takes about six years to save all the earnings - that is, without the employee incurring any living expenses - to acquire an apartment worth 90,000 euros with an area of ​​70 sq.m.

October 3, 2021: Story at Liberal [Greek]

House-Hunting in Greece

September 23, 2021: Mostly a focus on luxury homes. Story at New York Times [English]

While Greece has long been popular with foreign buyers, the Greek government has enacted policies designed to keep the market competitive. A residency-by-investment program, known as the Golden Visa, launched in 2013 and ties a residency visa to a 250,000-euro ($293,000) property investment or 400,000-euro ($470,000) financial investment in Greece.

High activity of real estate transfers this summer

August 28, 2021: Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Home buying opportunities for less than 100,000 euros

In 2020, there was a decrease of -8.3% in the demand for real estate for rent and by -2.2% in terms of demand for purchase. A few months later, however, not a few citizens started the "safari" again to buy or rent . From the data of Spitogatos published by, it appears that the demand for properties for sale throughout the country increased by 61%, while for rent by 30%.

June 21, 2021: Story and data at Iefimerida [Greek]

June 8, 2021: The ten most expensive real estate areas of Greece

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

May 12, 2021: Plans for "Athenian Riviera" to change landscape of Greece

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

May 11, 2021: Mandatory for real estate transactions to go online soon

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

May 1, 2021: here rents are up and down in Attika

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

April 9, 2021: Changing Athens around Ymittos and the creation of an 80 acre park

Story at Business Daily [English]

March 3, 2021: Electronic real estate transfer system

Story at Ta Nea [Greek]

Jan 9, 2021:Real estate taxes "explode"

Story at EFSYN [Greek]

News Media on Greece Real Estate

June 2020: New York Times: Sugar cube homes on Mykonos seeking buyers...

June 2020: The Irish TImes: What will €199,000 buy in Greece

May 2020: Tovima [Greek]: Real estate increases expected to continue

January 2020: Naftemporiki [Greek]: 2019 marked recovery underway in Thessaloniki real estate market?

January 2020: Iefimerida [Greek]: The VAT suspension measure aims to rejuvenate the real estate market

Sept 2019: Tanea [Greek]: Staikouras speaks on tax relief, real estate, debt settlement

December 2018: Greek Reporter: Chinese Nationals buying increasing amounts of Greek property

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