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Hellenic Language

Greek Language

Basic Greek words and phrases

NO - ochee

YES - neh

PLEASE - para-kaLO

THANK YOU - efkhateeSTO


I AM SORRY - leePOOmeh

MY NAME IS - OonoMAzomeh

I DID NOT ORDER THIS - then toh parEENgeela ahf-TOH

HOW MUCH IS THE ENTRANCE FEE - poso kanee ee EEsodhos

Vienna: where Greek first appeared in print - Neo Kosmos

November 15, 2017: Nice primer on Greek history vis-a-vis Vienna and the impact of relations via the Ottoman Empire, and afterward:

"After the Treaty of Passarowitz was signed in 1717, the borders stabilised and there was a push to reopen commerce and to begin the reconstruction of a vast area devastated by decades of war. Aside from fixing the boundaries between the two empires, a key provision was the right of Ottoman and Austrian subjects to engage in commerce in each other's realms. The Austrians lacked knowledge of the Ottoman Empire, and the Turks disdained commerce, so as a practical matter the opportunity fell on Ottoman minorities, Orthodox Greeks and Serbs, as well as Jews and Armenians."

A Greek-English Lexicon (1883) - 1901 Edition
Free download of the classic Greek and English Lexicon by George Henry Liddle

Fodor's Essential Greece: with the Best Islands (Full-color Travel Guide)

Fodors Greece

AMAZON: Fodor's Essential Greece: with the Best Islands (Full-color Travel Guide)

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