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View from Areopagus Hill in Athens Greece

Greece and the economic crisis 2023

NEWS ARCHIVE - January 2023

January 5, 2023

Schedule for dissolution of the Parliament and the elections

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

The worry over contagious mutations from USA

Story at Ethnos [Greek]

Cold temps return soon

Weather at IN GR [Greek]

The Mandatory negative test for travellers from China

Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

Which drugs are in short supply?

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Richest pets in the world

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

The provocations by Turkish vessel at Farmakonisi

Alarming interactions resulting from three Turkish fishing craft going into Greek territorial waters. Accusation that the Turkish vessel intended to ram the Greek Coast Guard ship.

Story at Skai [Greek] [Map to Farmakonisi ]

Warning shots firedAP News MSN [English]

Government emergency meeting concerning pandemic

Story at Skai [Greek]

How much heating oil has risen in cost

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

36-hour ceasefire announced in Ukraine war

Story at Ethnos [Greek]

Massive training program for 150,000 workers

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Greek coast guard harassed by Turkish craft near Farmakonisi

Story at EFSYN [Greek] [Map to Farmakonisi ]

Is there a deal? Or is it "no deal" for the Parthenon Marbles?Keep Talking Greece [English]

There's a lot of stories in the international press about an impending agreement between the British Museum and Greece on an arrangement concerning the Parthenon Marbles. But in Athens the Acropolis Museum head Νikos Stampolidis says he has not been negotiating with anyone. So with whom is the British Museum is talking to? More questions at EFSYN [Greek]

Are the Parthenon Marbles "coming home" ? Greek City Times [English]

Gov't projects and the coming elections

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

US State Dept responds to Turkey about issue of Greek territorial waters extending 12 miles south of Crete

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Financial Stability Fund is testing the markets

Story at Capital [Greek]

Arrests made in Thessaloniki over "squatting"

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Earthquake in Evia

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

The changes coming in the French pension system

Story at OT Financial Post [Greek]

EU wants 48 hour testing for travellers coming from China

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Elounda Greece on Crete

NEWS ARCHIVE - January 2023


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