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The Syriza government list under Tsipras


2018 August 29

Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras

Deputy Prime Minister: Ioannis Dragasagis (aka "Vice-President of the Ministerial Council")

Ministry of Interior

19 New Members of the Tsipras government

Maria-Elisa Xenogiannakopoulou as Minister of Administrative Reconstruction

Stavros Arachovitis - Minister of Rural Development and Food

Marina Chrysoveloni - Deputy Minister of the Interior

Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha - Deputy Minister of National Defense

Markos Bolaris - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Aikaterini Papakosta-Sidiropoulou - Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection

Olympia Téliyordidou - Deputy Minister for Rural Development and Food

Alexandros Haritsis - Minister of the Interior

Olga Gerovassilis - Minister of Citizen Protection

Michael Kalogirou - Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

Myrsini Zorba - Minister of Culture and Sports

Fotios-Fanourios Kouvelis - Minister of Shipping and Island Policy

Asterios Pitsiorlas - Deputy Minister of Economy and Development

Panagiotis Rigas - Deputy Minister of National Defense

Nektarios Santorinios - Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy

Aikaterini Notopoulou - Deputy Minister of the Interior

Efstathios Giannakidis - Deputy Minister of Economy and Development

Eleftherios Kretsos - Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information

Georgios Dimaras - Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy

This list based on the list presented at Athens News Agency

An extensive list of past Greek government personalities is at


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