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The Syriza government list under Tsipras


July 17, 2015

With the cabinet changes, list of personnel has been made:

Prime Minister - Alexis Tsipra
Deputy Prime Minister - Giannis Dragasakis
Finance - Euclid Tsakalotos
Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism - Giorgos Stathakis
Labor - Georgios Katrougalos
Interior and Administrative Reconstruction - Nikos Voutsis
Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy - Panos Skourletis
Foreign Affairs - Nikos Kotzias
Health and Social Security - Panagiotis Kouroumplis
Justice - Nikos Paraskevopoulos
Education, Culture and Religious Affairs - Aristides Baltas
Combating Corruption - Panagiotis Nikoloudis
Coordinating Government Operations - Alekos Flambouraris
State - Nikos Pappas
Government Spokesperson - Olga Gerovasili

The Official Syriza Online Web Site

SYRIZA was begun in 2004 as a party alliance between 13 different political groups, with links to an earlier effort of 2001 called SPACE: Space for Dialogue for the Unity and Common Action of the Left .

The SYRIZA party structure wsa changed May 22, 2012 to be a single political party.

February 7, 2015

Can Tsipras keep his promises? - Fox News

"The big question is how many, if any, of his promises Alexis Tsipras can keep without risking a potentially disastrous Greek exit from Europe's multinational currency, the euro.

A crucial indication of which direction the government intends to go in comes on Sunday, when Tsipras presents his government's policy plan in parliament. A three-day debate culminates in a confidence vote late Tuesday.

"If the policy statements are as hard as the pre-election ones ... you understand that we're heading to a big clash, and I think the markets will move accordingly," said Nick Kafkas, head of research and analysis at Merit Securities."


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Greece at Night

Greece at Night

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