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Greece and the economic crisis 2018

NEWS ARCHIVE - July 21 - July 24

July 31, 2018


IMF warns eurozone Greece needs more debt relief - Financial Times

IMF on debt, pensions and taxes - Non-reversibility of policies at work- Naftemporiki

IMF Report Damps Optimism Over Greece’s Growth Prospects - Greek Reporter

Stournaras: Markets will trust Greece only if commitments are met - said that Greece’s leaders must ensure that the country will never again end up in a similar situation - Tovima

IMF uncertain Greece’s debt is sustainable in the long term - Washington Post

Austerity may be over in Greece but it needs more spending to stop a future crisis, says IMF - UK Telegraph

Greece’s Economic Recovery Projected to Strengthen in Near Term – IMF - South Africa Today


How do you sleep? After fire kills scores, Greece sees political recriminations - Yahoo

When Greek political parties try to achieve gains from the tragedy in Athens wildfires - Keep Talking Greece

People gather in front of Greek parliament in remembrance of fire victims (photos-videos) - Protothema

Mitsotakis asks Skourteti, Tossa and Douro resignations -


Greek islands in the south account for half of tourism’s spending - Protothema

Tourism in Greece unaffected by wildfires - China Internet News

"Tourist arrivals in Greece seem to be unaffected by the deadly wildfires that have caused 93 victims, Greek national news agency AMNA reported on Tuesday"


Government releases plan to deal with illegal building - efsyn

"...comprehensive draft legislative and regulatory initiatives to accelerate the response to the phenomenon of arbitrary building, especially in forest areas and coastal and residential densities..."

Kiosk Athens Greece Icons

July 30, 2018


Divers pull body out of water in fire-ravaged east Attica - ekathimeri

Tsipras visits wildfire-stricken town after criticism - MSN News

Observatory: 12,600 burned acres in eastern Attica - Tanea

The mayor of Rafina summoned by Prosecutors in preliminary examination of the causes of the fires in eastern Attica - efsyn

Concert and radiomarathon organised in aid of Greece - Cyprus Mail

Greece Mourns Wildfire Victims - The death toll reaches 91 on Sunday, continues to rise as cause of blazes is investigated - Wall Street Journal

Applications for relief from fire damage begin on Tuesday - eKathimerini

Problems with counting the number dead -


Moody's: Upgraded to "positive" prospects for banks - Naftemporiki

EIB signs 24-mln-euro financing agreement with Terna Energy - Capital GR


Bad weather to continue on Monday -

Fierce storms in Attica -

Six ancient Greek statues discovered in western Turkey (Magnesia) - Protothema

Water cuts planned in Thessaloniki on Tuesday - eKathimerini

July 29, 2018


The Latest: Greece fire death toll at 91, 25 remain missing - Washington Post

Terrifying first-person footage shows just how devastating the wildfires in Greece are - Yahoo

Burials of Greece's wildfire victims begin - Fox

People made of marble By all accounts, after the first signs of disaster, the government conducted a communications campaign, and did nothing else - Tovima


American tourists to spend over $100 billion in 2018, survey finds - Protothema

Heavy storm hits Athens (photos) - Protothema

July 28, 2018


Greece to begin laying wildfire victims to rest amid recriminations - Reuters

The Fires in Greece Scores of people dying needlessly on the outskirts of Athens looks more like carelessness than fate - NY Times

Greece fire: DNA testing is the only way to identify people - Euronews

Two Marathon deputy mayors hand in resignations - eKathimerini

Missing Twin Girls and Grandparents Found Dead After Greek Fire at Mati - Greek Reporter

Dead 13-year-old who was missing in Mati - efsyn

The long fire in eastern Attica seems to have started from burning wood - Liberal GR

New Democracy demands resignations over management of deadly forest fire ND spokesperson Maria Spyraki demanded the resignations of Interior Minister Panos Skourletis and Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas - Tovima


Problems in the northern suburbs from the downpour - Naftemporiki

Greece is breeding new type of donkey because of overweight tourists visiting Santorini - Metro UK

July 27, 2018


Greece says 'serious indications' of arson behind deadly wildfire - Reuters

Of 86 dead - 53 burn patients are hospitalized - Naftemporiki

Pets rescued after Greece's devastating fire find new homes - ABC News

Greece wildfires: authorities blamed for high death toll Government minister says there is ‘serious indications’ of arson as death toll rises to 85 - UK Guardian

No apology, no resignation: Pressure grows on government over fire deaths - eKathimerini

32,000 acres in eastern Attica - 87 dead - Extraordinary cabinet under the Prime Minister - efsyn

Greece fires: Mayor admits mistakes in response - CNN / MSN

Australia's 'heartbroken' Greek community rally to help in wake of deadly blaze -

Sarah, Duchess of York visits Greece and pledges to help victims of the wildfires - Royal Central

Volunteers rush in to help heal wounds of Greece's fire-stricken region - xinhuanet


Commission will speed up payment of aid relief for Greece - Focus Fen

No extra ECB help for Greece after bailout ends: Draghi - Yahoo

Majority of exporters remain optimistic - ekathimerini

EIB signs 24-mln-euro financing agreement with Terna Energy - Capital GR


Top Syriza MP demands that government scrap Saudi arms deal - Tovima

Congress wants to halt F-35 sales to a NATO ally over Mattis' objections, and it's a sign of growing tension - Business Insider


Report on the Extraordinary weather - efsyn

Technical Chamber of Greece registered over 300 illegal buildings in Mati - Tovima

Meteora Greece

Meteora Greece - Sky and mountains

More Meteora

July 26, 2018


Who are the victims of Greece’s wildfires? - Euronews

Residents 'worsened disaster' by illegal building - Radio Z

Greece fire death toll mounts, along with desperation and anger - CBS News

Greece Wildfire Death Toll Reaches 82 - Voice of America

Greece seeks survivors and answers after deadly wildfire - Yahoo

Arson suspected in devastating fires in Greece that killed at least 79 people - ABC News

Drone footage shows aftermath of Greece wildfires - USA Today


Moody's: Managed debt for 10 years New relief may be needed after 2030 - Greater investment is needed - Naftemporiki

Taxation Strangles Greece’s Growth Prospects Government’s - measures to meet bailout demands create a prohibitive tax burden for businesses - Wall Street Journal

No extra ECB help for Greece after bailout ends: Draghi - Yahoo

Double no with QE waiver - Naftemporiki

"Greece's participation in the quantitative easing program (QE) is not possible without the waiver, which ends with the completion of the program, said ECB President Mario Draghi."


Rivers in the northern suburbs of Athens - efsyn

"Already the Fire Department has received over 140 calls in the northern suburbs. The phone calls come mainly from Penteli, Melissia, Vrilissia, Maroussi and Kifissia regarding water obstruction and requests for assistance."

Why were there so many victims in Mati? - efsyn

Flash Flood Strikes Northern Athens Suburb After Squall - NY Times

Paros sailboats

July 25, 2018


Greece wildfires: Search for missing family members after 80 dead - BBC

Rescuers search charred homes after Greece wildfires kill scores -France 24

74 dead and 187 injured: Rescuers search Greek towns after deadly wildfires - The Journal IE

Wildfires kill at least 74 in Greece's 'Pompeii' - Reuters

In Greece, Wildfires Kill Dozens, Driving Some Into the Sea - NY Times

Greece says Italian planes helping firefight - ABC News

Greece: Drone footage reveals aftermath of wildfire - ekathimerini

Romania sends planes to help with firefighting - eKathimerini


Greek bank deposits rise in June for fifth month in a row - eKathimerini

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