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NEWS ARCHIVE - March 1 - March 6

March 6, 2018

Greece calls on EU to help free soldiers arrested in Turkey - Euronews

"Turkey is a member of NATO, an ally of Greece in NATO and this kind of incident needs to be solved via peaceful ways, and after negotiations between the two armed forces," said Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, in Brussels. The soldiers were reportedly picked up in a heavily-forested frontier region.

Greek PM Asks UN Secretary-General to Mediate in Release of 2 Soldiers Held by Turkey - Greek Reporter

"Earlier, the prime minister held an informal cabinet meeting where he stressed that the issue should be handled with caution so that Turkey does not exploit the issue. He said that Greece should not give the eastern neighbor the chance to turn a routine event into a major issue in its already provocative attitude."

Greece seeks EU, NATO help over soldiers arrested in Turkey - FOX

"...A Turkish court in the border city of Edirne rejected a request for their provisional release."

Greece rejects Turkey’s extradition request for DHKP-C suspect - Hurriyet Daily News

"...The same court ruled on Feb. 2 in line with prosecutors’ suggestion, denying Ankara’s extradition request for Mehmet Dogan, another member sought, on grounds that he was recognized as a “political refugee” by French authorities."

Tsipras wants to create a Greek National Security Council - Tovima

Is this a clear preparation for coordinating government during hostilities?

"The idea has gained ground after the recent Turkish hostile actions in the Aegean and at the Evros border region, where Turkish forces took hostage two Greek officers... t will include the ministers of foreign affairs, defence, public order, shipping (which has the Coast Guard under its purview), the head of the EYP intelligence service, the military top brass, and the prime minister’s defence and foreign affairs advisors..."

Gov't adopts wait-and-see stance on Greek soldiers - eKathimerini

"...At a meeting headed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the Maximos Mansion in Athens, government officials reportedly agreed to that they do not want to see the incident “evolving into a major diplomatic affair,” according to Skai."

Taxi drivers protest against Uber 'invasion' in Greece - Reuters

"The drivers say the services are taking their business. They have also accused the Greek government of holding up legislation to regulate booking apps such as Uber and the locally-developed app Beat."

EasyJet passengers stranded in Greece take 235-mile bus ride to another COUNTRY to fly back to UK - UK The Sun

"...Bad weather led to the flight being diverted on its way to Greece to pick passengers up. So travellers faced an epic saga which included a six-hour wait for a hotel room, four coach journeys lasting over nine hours, and a long and painful border crossing."

Greece cracks down on far-right extremist group - World Bulletin

"According to the Athens Macedonian News Agency, the group which goes by the name "Combat 18 Hellas" has carried out more than 15 attacks till date."

Greece’s Council of State gives spouses the right to submit separate tax declaration - Keep Talking Greece

"....The judges note that the Income Tax Code has retained for the spouse, who is liable only for the tax corresponding to his own income..."

Erdogan’s leading consultant: “Come to Imia and we will defend them until death” - Protothema

“Do they want to test our determination? We dare Greece to go at Imia. In case something like that happens, we will defend them to death. And this, once our leader, President Erdogan, gives the order” said Bulut in an interview with the Turkish state television network TRT.

More News:

Mitsotakis: Government must do what is necessary to end the unacceptable hostage taking of the Hellene soldiers - Liberal GR

China’s economic lifeline for Greece tangles political relations with EU - Washington Times

Greece votes to probe politicians in alleged drug bribery case - USA Today

Greece: 13,000 Still Trapped on Islands - Human Rights Watch

Serbia's branch of Greece's Eurobank seeks to increase market share - Reuters

March 5, 2018

Exxon, Total, Repsol among bidders for oil exploration off Greece - Reuters

"...Encouraged by large gas finds in the eastern Mediterranean, Greece is eager to attract investment in its energy sector as it tries to emerge from years of economic crisis."

US envoy: Greece is a crucial pillar of stability in the wider region - Tornos

"...US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, said on Saturday in an exclusive interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, on the occasion of the World Economic Forum held in Delphi."

Greece logs solid economic growth in 2017 -

"The Greek Finance Ministry said in a statement last Friday that another €5.7 billion ($7 billion) from the third bailout package should be disbursed in mid-March following approval by lawmakers in several eurozone nations. The current program worth a total of €86 billion runs until August this year. After that, Greece hopes to fully return to regular market financing."

Turkey: A request to release the two Greek soldiers was refused - Naftemporiki

"... the prosecutor has allowed families to visit the two officers, who are imprisoned in the prisons of Adrianople. The lawyers of Engineer Lieutenant Angelos Mitroodis and Engineer Sergeant Dimitris Koukladis had filed a request against their detention . It is worth mentioning that the Greek Consul had proposed that their detention be continued in the Greek consulate..."

More News:

Greece's Energean Raises $1.27 Billion for Israeli Gas Fields - Bloomberg

Macedonians rally against name deal with Greece - Reuters

March 4, 2018

Greece to get 5.7 billion euros in new loans second half of March: Centeno - Hellenic Shipping News

“This will pave the way to the release of the first sub tranche of 5.7 billion euros in the second half of March,” Centeno said.

Toskas blames poor response to violence on police, Kaminis - Tovima

"Amidst a public backlash over a spate of violent attacks by hooligans and other violent groups who have smashed storefronts and staged other attacks, including a grenade outside police station, Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas has lashed out at police for not following orders and operational plans."

Israel Finds New Regional Allies: Greece and the Sunni States - Haaretz

"...On one side the Greek alliance and on the other the strengthening of ties with the neighboring Sunni nations, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. In both cases Netanyahu is counting on the world’s declining interest in the Palestinian problem. The partners are making due with lip service over the occupation, but it is more important to them to receive things from Israel."

More News:

Regling: The trip to Greece has not come to an end - Naftemporiki

Greece stocks lower at close of trade; Athens General Composite down 1.46% - Investing

Deutsche Bahn suspected of bribing Greek officials - eKathimerini

Night Scene Athens Greece

Night Scene Athens Greece

March 3, 2018

Tsipras: Greece “Next Big Thing” for Investments - Greek Reporter

"...The Greek prime minister said that “recession-mired Greece returned to growth dynamically in 2017, and this trend is expected to lead to over 2 percent growth this year and the following years.” He also said that his government is working on “a comprehensive growth plan for the day after” when Greece completes its bailout programs...”

Greece not planning exchange of two soldiers held in Turkey: Greek Alternate FM Katrougalos - Hurriyet Daily News

"This is pure fantasy. We are not at war with Turkey to conduct an exchange of prisoners," junior minister Giorgos Katrougalos told reporters on March 3, adding that such "spy stories" originated in Turkish media reports. "This is not an unusual episode. Such incidents occur on the border," he said..."

More News:

Bigger tax bill for owners of large property across Greece - Tornos

Draassagis: Three Goals to Exit from Memoranda A precautionary credit line means a semi-memorandum, prerequisites, and uncertainty - Naftemporiki

"We are working to find a solution quickly with the military" - Dimitris Vitsas , Minister of Migration Policy and the Minister of National Defense - efsyn

Princess Olympia of Greece praises her mother's 'beauty' while sharing a VERY glamorous old picture of Marie-Chantal on Instagram, as her followers insist the pair are almost identical - UK Daily Mail

March 2, 2018

Greece meets conditions for next bailout installment - ABC News

"In a statement Friday, the ministry said an expert committee assisting Eurozone finance ministers gave its approval at a meeting in Brussels..."

Turkish court detains Greek soldiers held after crossing border - Reuters

This isn't good: could be used as an obvious bargaining chip by Turkeyt for the Turkish citizens that are tangled up in Greek court with extradition proceeding/asylum requests after the failed 2016 coup against Mr. Erdogan.

..."Greece said the soldiers had been on a border patrol when they strayed from their route because of the poor weather. Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu news agency said the soldiers were detained on grounds of attempted military espionage and entering a prohibited military zone."

PAIAT: The USA is closely following the case of the two Hellene military personnel - Tovima

"Asked whether he is worried about the possibility of an "accident" between Greece and Turkey, the ambassador replied that he was worried about an episode of "unintentional" conflict."

More News:

D.C. United/Soccer UEFA welcomes match-fixing convictions in Greece - Washington Post

Wieser: First six months of SYRIZA gov't cost Greece 200 bln euros - eKathimerini

Goodbye, Alexander: Macedonia highway gets new name signs - Globe Gazette

Forget Italy, your next high-end truffle is coming from Greece - Gulf News

How Greece got to grips with a relentless refugee crisis - Irish Times

Greek bombing suspect on hunger strike wins prison transfer - AP

March 1, 2018

Council of Europe urges Greece to step up anti-corruption efforts - Reuters

"...a report by the Council’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) said Greece needed to do more to speed up procedures for the adoption of laws in parliament and rules for lifting lawmakers’ immunity, as the number of denials to lift immunity “significantly outweighed” approved requests... and recommended that Greece set clear standards of professional conduct and integrity for judges and prosecutors."

Vandals Rampage Throughout Greece Over Jailed Terrorist Suspect - Greek Reporter

"...Yagtzoglou, arrested in connection with a bomb attack against former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos last May, is on hunger strike...Groups acting in solidarity to Yagtzoglou stormed the offices of the governing SYRIZA party early on Thursday in the Athens suburb of Kesariani."

Dragasakis stresses social aspect of growth, speeding up reforms, human capital - Tovima

"Dragasakis stressed that the next sixth months, until Greece completes the current fiscal adjustment programmme, are critical, as they may affect developments over the next decade. “The groundwork for growth has been laid. We are not starting with a blank page at this ministry,” he said."

Greece further loosens capital controls - Capital GR

"A decision by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, published on the government gazzette, said that from March 1 all restrictions in opening new bank accounts are lifted, the monthly cash withdrawal ceiling is raised from 1,800 to 2,300 euros and the transfer of euros or other foreign currencies abroad is allowed up to 2,300 euros..."

The Piraeus passenger port is divided into three parts - Naftemporiki

"...In the implementation of safety regulations, the so-called ISPS Code, PPA PPA -0.47 % will "close" the region of Crete ships "(Gate E3), which can only be entered if one travels to Crete, or if he has a specific job."

US offer first reaction to EU defence PESCO pact - Protothema

"...Twenty-five EU governments launched the agreement in December to fund, develop and deploy armed forces together, ending the squandering of billions of euros by splintered defence policies and reducing Europe’s heavy reliance on Washington."

More News:

Athens METRO: German companies bribed Greek state officials & political parties to secure projects - KTG

Minister blames police for failure to crack down on city violence - eKathimerini

Group claims police station grenade attack, reiterates threat of escalation - eKathimerini

Macedonians protest name change demanded by neighbouring Greece - Euronews

Greece eyes comprehensive deal on post-bailout era this June - xinhuanet

Arsonists destroy Albanian diplomatic vehicle in Greece - Daily Journal

Unexpected welcome for Yianna Terzi's Eurovision Entry - Oikotimes

Turkey nabs at least 875 undocumented immigrants in 2 days - Pakistan Today

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