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Greece and the economic crisis 2017

NEWS ARCHIVE - Jan 16 - Jan 22

January 22, 2017

As Tsakalotos seeks to restart review, PM must keep lid on SYRIZA dissent - eKathimerini

As Another Economic Crisis Approaches, Greece and Euro Should Consider a Divorce - Huffington Post

This article by Doug Bandow is very much like the same one that appeared in Forbes (from Bandou) a week ago [Greece Heads Into Another Economic Crisis: Time To Finally Exit The European Union? - Forbes] - it contains more or less the same insulting description:

Athens Greece

January 21, 2017

Germany says IMF plans to stay involved in Greece bailout talks - Reuters
Digital policy minister Nikos Pappas assures Greek-Americans Greece is doing better - Tornosnews
Greece says it may extend fiscal contingency mechanism to 2019 - Reuters

January 19, 2017

Greece favors IMF withdrawal from rescue loan program - Fox
To stay on in Greek program, IMF wants gov't to pass reforms - eKathimerini

Flamingo lagoon in Greece frozen over - MSN


Video report

Draft report on loans to political parties, media, show ΄blatant΄ violations of bank rules - Capital GR

January 18, 2017

Greece Sells State-Owned Railway Operator to Italian Firm - NYT
Tsipras: Programme review to be concluded without new measures - AMNA GR
Blackout on islands due to short circuit the Cyclades - Tanea GR

January 17, 2017

Greece aims to conclude review to be able to refinance debt from markets in August 2018 - Reuters
Excluding IMF is no panacea for Greece - eKathimerini
Greece’s EMST Among Top 10 New Museum Openings in 2017 - GTP
Provisional data shows state budget surplus above target - Protothema

January 16, 2017

Schaeuble advises against IMF departure from Greek program - eKathimerini

Greece: Refugees struggle as cold snap intensifies - MSN

Video report on temperatures in Northern Greece (-10C). A nonsensical aspect of the reporting is that it shows the drinking water in the refugee camp as frozen from the water spout above the ground in an open, though covered, location. Then the reporter demonstrates each refugee "container" where families are residing has a large portable kerosene heater installed which keeps the people warm. Do the Greeks not allow the refugees to find a way to isolate the frozen water spout and lay kerosene heaters near it, enveloping the drinking water facility with heat so it does not freeze? Heavy tarps would possibly suffice, or better yet one of the "containers" shown which looks to be made from fiberglass or a heavy plastic, perfectly suitable for modification. It seems unlikely that the refugees themselves do not have anyone who has not thought of obvious solutions. The same with the filthy (and frozen) toilet facilities. If portable heat is available throughout the camp, why aren't simple efforts made to preserve the water and toilet facilities?

These are question not addressed by the video reporter. There could be limitations not being reported on, such as the Greek authorities not allowing anyone to take action to preserve the drinking water or toilets, or it could be one of the aid organizations won't allow this as it makes for a better story and so a stronger plea for assistance and attention via and from the media.

State funeral held for Greece's slain ambassador to Brazil - Fox

Turkey will only withdraw troops from Cyprus if Greece does the same, Turkish president Erdogan warns - UK Telegraph

The calculation here obviously plays into Turkey's long range plans concerning how the island shoudl be shaped:

"Turkey maintains a garrison of around 30,000 in the northern third of Cyprus while Greece has about 1,000 soldiers in the south. President Erdogan said that even if troops were withdrawn, Ankara would want to maintain a presence in the island as one of its guarantors, along with Greece and Britain, the former colonial power.

"We have told Cyprus and Greece clearly that they should not expect a solution without Turkey as guarantor. We are going to be there forever," he said in Istanbul. He said there was a plan for 650 Turkish troops and 950 Greek soldiers to remain on the island after a settlement."

Germany to deport asylum-seekers back to Greece - DW
Greece's second city to get German co-funded Holocaust museum - i24 News



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