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Mount Parnitha in Snow - Greece

Greece and the economic crisis 2019

NEWS ARCHIVE - January 1 - January 7

January 7, 2019

Closings at school due to weather

Story at Tanea on Attika closings and at Naftemporiki [in Greek]

Wikipedia and Greek searches

Story at Greek Reporter on how Greeks used information search giant Wikipedia in 2018.

New Turkish air space violations

Story at Tovima [in Greek]

Arrests of paint attack perpetrators

Paint vandalism at US Embassy in Athens now has arrested suspects - story at VOA

Change in minimum wage levels

Story at Naftemporiki [in Greek].

Tsipras faces challenges with FYROM and Merkel ahead

Story at eKathimerini on what could go wrong.

January 6, 2019

Bad weather continues

Story at Neo Kosmos and at Greek Reporter and map at Tanea

Turkey makes military action in North Iraq

Story at Naftemporiki [in Greek]

Rubikon group performs paint attack at US Embassy

Story at Tanea [in Greek] and suspects arrested story at Midland Media [English] and at eKathimerini the US ambassador responds to the attack.


Parga Island Greece

January 5, 2019

Thessaloniki now

Casualties from heavy snow

Article at NY Times

Snow over Central and Northern Greece

Story at Tornos

Celebrating the Hellenic Motor Museum

Story at Jacksonville Com

Heavy snow plagues Europe

Story at NEWS AU

Turkey ship Barbaros near Cyprus

Story at Protothema

Opera in Athens given large support grant

Story at eKathimerini


Pigidia Snow Greece

January 4, 2019

Merkel visit will include FYROM

Story at Tovima on what's ahead for the German Chancellor's visit

Political, judicial and financial threats to Greece

A scorecard of threatening scenarios for the Greek future at Bloomberg

Snow and rain

Story at Tanea on weather over Greece. (See snow at the Granitsa live cam)

ECB overbuys

Brief examination of ECB debt purchases in Greece, Spain, Italy at Hellenic Shipping News.

Dead ship removal proceeds

Story at ABC News about clearing away sunken vessels.

Hopman Cup ends

Story at Neo Kosmos on the good work by the Greek tennis team and what's ahead in Australia. More at Eurosport.

Greek banking 2019

Roundup of situation for Greek Banks at Naftemporiki

Island mayors link VAT rates to refugee numbers

Story at eKathimerini


Zagorohoria in snowGreece

January 3, 2019

Cyprus turns to UN over Turkey actions

Story at Greek Reporter

Joblessness expected to remain high in 2019

Story at eKathimerini

Winter weather strikes

Story at Tovima [in Greek].

Bridge tolls going up at Rio-Antirrio (Charilaos Trikoupis )

Story at Tornos News

250,000 Turks have left Turkey

New York Times story on the "brain drain" in Turkey.

"Spoiled brat" accusation against Kammenos

eKathimerini on the comments from the Turkish foreign minister

Tourists in Athens at the Propylea

Tourists in Athens at the Propylea


Skopelos, Greece

January 2, 2019

Significant decline in future school population

Story at Greek Reporter .


Details for Attica, Northern and Central Greece at Protothema and at Kathimerini [in Greek].

Koufontina walking in Athens

Story about Nov 17 member at Iefimerida [in Greek].

Continued claims in Aegean made by Turkey

Story at Naftemporiki [in Greek] .

Introduction of EETT internet rules

Story at Tanea.gr [in Greek].

Britain over Greece at Hopman

Tennis news at Seattle PI and at Neo Kosmos

1.625 billion in T-Bills sold

News at Zawya

Manufacturing statistics up for December

Story at Poandpo

Corruption cases stalled in courts?

Story at eKathimerni on accusations made by Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis

January 1, 2019

The democratic bloc in the eastern Med

Story at Algemeiner

Greece beats USA at Hopman Cup

Staory at Bleacher Report

List of weather issues in Greece

From the recent rain and snow - Naftemporiki [in Greek] and at Tanea [in Greek].

Bofinger: The errors of the crisis

Story at eKathimerini

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NEWS ARCHIVE - January 2019


Greece Bicentennial 2021

GREECE BY NIGHT More News - ArchivePhotos of GREECE

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