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Mount Hymettus in Athens Greece
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Greece and the economic crisis 2019

NEWS ARCHIVE - January 8 - January 12

January 12, 2019

300% Increase in crossings from Turkey

Details at Greek Reporter

Kammenos and Tsipras meet on Monday

Story at eKathimerini

Jan 20 protest date against Prespa

Story at Protothema

How international media is viewing Prespa

Roundup at Tovima [in Greek].

Self-employed and insurance debt

Story at Naftemporiki on 2019 rules [in Greek].

Early days of Greek aviation

Story at [in Greek].

More envelopes shut down Corfu Post Office

Story at Greek Reporter

Merkel outlines surplus before cuts

Story at Tovima

Weather ahead includes rain and snow

More at Tanea [in Greek].

Acropolis in Greece with pireaus in background

January 11, 2019

Skopje vote puts pressure Tsipras

Story at Washington Post

FYROM vote pushes name deal forward

Story at Financial Times and at Naftemporiki [in Greek].

Teacher protest im Athens

Story at Daily Journal

ECB thinking low cost, long term loans

Story at Naftemporiki [in Greek].

Merkel addresse war crimes, briefly

Story at Yahoo

Reparations again a topic

Story at NY Times tying together the Merkel visit and the World War II reparations argument from Greece (timeline on war reparations here)

Greek exports increase in big way

Story at Protothema

Kammenos strategy rejected by ANEL officials

Story at eKathimerini on the inside moves at ANEL and the irony of the situation explored also at eKathimerini. More at Tovima [in Greek].

Kemmenos and Tsipras meeting delayed

More at Tanea.Gr [in Greek]

Pavlopoulos links Greece and Germany together

Story at Naftemporiki

British F35's to Cyprus

More at SKAI [in Greek]. F35s have a range of 1200 miles.

Downtown Athens Greece

January 10, 2019

"Poison letters" send staff to hospital

Envelopes with white powder - Associated Press

The Merkel visit

Story at eKathimerini and at Reuters and at Greek Reporter

Samos and Lesvos to get attention for migrant conditions

Government response to OXFAM report - more at Yahoo AFP

Clean power for islands?

Elon Musk in Greece - Greek Reporter

Subway closures

List at SKAI and at Keep Talking Greece

Emigration and declining population woes

Dark profile of the Greek future at NY Times

Privatization of Lignite production

Bid schedule at Tornos

Pix of Athens in snow

Photography on the internet

Washington Post features a number of photos

Alex Maragos Twitter

The Zappeion Megaron

Snow around Acropolis

Mount Lycabettus in distance, leof Vasilissis Amalias by the Z god Temple

January 9, 2019

Confidence Vote coming?

Greek Reporter on Tsipras claim to hold vote if ANEL drops out.

Significant temp drops

Story at Skynews about the weather

Merkel visit on Thursday

Meeting with Tsipras and expected protests in article from Reuters

Turkey's drill ship off Cyprus to ramp up activities

Story at eKathimerini

Snow photos

Pix at Protothema of the horses and snows in Greece

FYROM and Tsipras

Bloomberg story on what the name deal means to Tsipras election fight.

"Overperforming" economy and the consequences

Financial Times article on the fortunes of Greek planning

Frozen Kastoria

The lake under ice at Greek Reporter

More snow and rain

Details on storm titled "Ypatia" at Greek City Times

Democracy rated poor in Greece

Ratings from the Economists ranks Greece last in Europe - story at Naftemporiki


Hymettus Athens Greece Snow

More Hymettus

January 8, 2019

Marijuana crops and the changed EU rules

Story at Wall Street Journal

Byzantium Christmas at Mount Athos

It's that time of year - story at Greek Reporter

Drone over snowy Athens

Snow related deaths in Europe at 12

Story at Atlanta AJC

Solar power for islands

Story at Naftemporiki

Migrant traffic into Greece up 40%

Details at Protothema

FYROM name deal has enough support

Story on this at Neo Kosmos and at Naftemporiki [in Greek].

Southern European leadership meeting at Cyprus

Dates and details at Protothema

Major drug bust in Pireaus port

Greek and Turkish officials cooperating - eKathimerini and at Yenisafak

Erdogan outlines why Turkey should deal with Syria security issues

Story at with Turkey's PM's reasons [in Greek].

Details on the F16 fighter plane upgrade

Info at Tovima [in Greek].

Undeclared revenues on property tax climbs

Story at NeoKosmos

Snow in Athens

Story at Greek Reporter

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