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Rocky coastline of the island of SkopelosSkopelos summer beach

Island of Skopelos

In the northern chain of Greek islands

Skopelos is a beautiful island in the Northern Sporades group along the northwest Aegean Sea. It is east of the Pelion peninsula of mainland Greece.

Map of Skopelos

Skopelos 370 03, Greece

Nine Important features of Skopelos

  1. Geography: Skopelos has lush green landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and a diverse coastline. The island covers an area of about 96 square kilometers (22.9 square miles).

  2. Capital: The main town and capital of Skopelos is also named Skopelos. The town has narrow streets and many white-washed houses adorned with colorful shutters. The island features a great deal of traditional Mediterranean architecture.

  3. Beaches: Skopelos main beaches are Stafilos, Panormos, Milia, and Kastani. (The Kastani Beach is famous for being in the film "Mamma Mia!")

  4. Cultural Heritage: The island demonstrates through history and archeology a heavy influence of the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods. In the island's interior is the famous Monastery of Evangelistria showing the depth of history of the island.

  5. Flora and Fauna: The island is abundant in lush pine forests, giving the island a particularly "green" feeling. Diverse flora includes olive trees, plum trees, and various aromatic herbs. A variety of bird species populate the forests.

  6. Cuisine: Traditional Greek cuisine is of course upon the island with locally produced seafood, olive oil, honey, and traditional Greek dishes featured in many eating establishments.

  7. Tourism: Skopelos works to maintain its natural beauty and traditional look while becoming a very popular destination for tourists. Being a filming location for "Mamma Mia!" has greatly enhanced the island as a tourist destination for people throughout the world.

  8. Churches and Monasteries: Many churches and monasteries are populated upon the island, with the Agios Ioannis Chapel being one of the most famous.

  9. Transportation: Reaching Skopelos typically means using the ferry from the mainland port of Volos or from the nearby islands of Skiathos and Alonissos.

Rocky coast of Skopelos

The green northern island rocky coast of Skopelos Skopelos

The island of Skopelos


Skopelos Island in the Sporades, Greece

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