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Greece and the economic crisis 2018

NEWS ARCHIVE - August 21 - August 26

August 26, 2018


PM faces challenge of keeping peace within SYRIZA while broadening alliances - eKathimerini [English]

Reports Says Greece is not Under a Bailout Program but is Still in the Danger Zone - Greek Reporter [English]


The country is now recovering its economic sovereignty and its right to set its fate - Athens News Agency [Greek]


New museum in Lamia will preserve the History of Greek War of Independence - The museum when finished by 2021 and mark the 200 anniversary of the War of Independence in 1821 - Protothema [English]

Worsening Weather Civil Protection Guidelines - Naftemporiki [Greek]

The Secret History of One of Greece’s Oldest Jewish Communities - Haaretz [English]

"...Veria’s Jews are said to have heard the gospel directly from Paul himself, documenting his visit, says one legend, on a long-lost Torah scroll. But by the time the Nazis were defeated, this 2,000-year-old community was extinct."

Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki Square in Athens Greece

August 25, 2018

Ex-Kurdish Party MP Seeks Asylum in Greece - VOA News [English]

Greek police arrest migrants over mugging death - MSN News [English]

The spread of the West Nile virus in Greece is reaching alarming levels - Parikiaki [English]

Turkey’s troubles create new threats for its Allies - There is an increasing divergence between the Trump administration and the Erdogan regime - Protothema [English]

Health services to 680,000 uninsured citizens within seven months - Toxwni [Greece]

August 24, 2018


New data confirm the liquidity loop on the market - Capital GR [Greek]

Small steps for Greece along a risky path - Emerging from the bailout does not mean automatically becoming a safe option, as the huge debt burden makes it vulnerable for years to come - Euro Money [English]

Tsipras tells shipyard workers job creation is a top priority - Tovima [English]

As Greece exits its third bailout, eurozone still has much to learn from the crisis - The strict nature, implementation and dramatic social costs of the EU bailouts prompt questions about their effectiveness - Scroll [English]

Optimism in the Corinth Pipeworks despite US tariffs - Naftemporiki [Greek]

West Nile

West Nile virus cases in Greece jump in 2018 - UK Reuters [English]

Eleven people die in Greece after infection with West Nile virus - Keep Talking Greece [English]


In the ashes of Greece's wildfires (photos) - Reuters [English]


Former Turkish lawmaker seeking political asylum in Greece She was sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment for insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Annahour [English]

Turkey’s troubles create new threats for its Allies - There is an increasing divergence between the Trump administration and the Erdogan regime - Protothema [English]


Tzanakopoulos: There is a decline in crime - Liberal GR [English]

Greece Through My Father’s EyesA writer learns about home, heroes and heritage on a trip with his father to his ancestral village - National Geographic [English]

Ryanair adds Athens in 2018 winter route - eKathimerini [English]

Europa League: Burnley fan stabbed in Greece before Olympiakos game - BBC News [English]

Full Moon Festival 2018 Aug 24 - 27 - Greeka [English]

Minoan-era tomb unearthed on Crete intact - eKathimerini [English]

Athens from Filopappou Hill

Athens from Filopappou Hill

August 23, 2018


Greece’s Biggest Headwind May Be Its Demographics - Wall Street Journal [English] [Paywall]

Moscovici: Greece can produce primary surpluses, growth - Tovima [English]

Greece will not escape debt servitude until the euro is destroyed - UK Telegraph [English]

First Greece, Now Turkey? - Is Turkey entering a deep financial crisis just as Greece exits one? - Globalist [English]


US expresses strong support for Prespes agreement - eKathimerini [English]


A subsidy of € 4.5 million to the municipalities of Marathon and Rafina for fire victims - Athens News Agency [Greek]


Cyprus: Revenue from “Aphrodite” deposit could start flowing as early as 2022 - Protothema [English]


ND: The delay in regulating the online gambling market is unjustified - Liberal GR [Greek]

American Airlines to launch direct flights Athens-Chicago in summer 2019 - Protothema [English]

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Traffic on Borders with Greece, Serbia and Romania - novinite [English]

August 22, 2018

Athens Power Outage

Blackout in Attica: Electricity is restored - Naftemporiki [Greek]

Extensive power cuts in Attica affect transport - eKathimerini [English]

Massive Power Outage Hits Athens - Greek Reporter [English]

Power cut affects parts of Greek capital, subway system - Reuters [English]

Extensive blackout in downtown Athens and suburbs, dozens trapped in elevators - Keep Talking Greece [English]


Greece officially enters post-bailout era, challenges remain - ABC News [English]

After 8 years and $375 billion of bailouts, I asked a Greek taxi driver how locals feel about the 'recovery,' and his outlook is bleak - Business Insider [English]

US to impose tariffs on pipes imported from Greece - Protothema [English]

The lenders saved themselves, not the Greeks - Germany received € 2.9 billion interest from Greece during the "rescue plan" - Tanea GR [Greek]


Turkish ruling party lashes out at Greek judiciary - eKathimerini [English]


Greece, Turkey and Spain put grapes under pressure - Prices are low in a few Eastern European chains due to competition from Greece - Fresh Plaza [English]

Bomb explodes outside building with law firms in downtown Piraeus - Keep Talking Greece [English]

Over quarter of a million raised in Cyprus’ #StandByGreece campaign - Cyprus Mail [English]


Corinth Greece

August 21, 2018


Market ructions to delay Greece's post-bailout bond sale - Reuters [English]

How did the Athens Stock Exchange react? - Naftemporiki [Greek]

Mitsotakis: Tsipras provokes ‘sorrow and rage’ - 'Mr. Tsipras said that he would tear up the memorandums, but instead he signed an unnecessary third memorandum that cost us over 100bn euros' - Tovima [English]

Greece PM welcomes 'liberation' from bailout terms but tough economic decisions loom - CBC CA [English]

After bailout Odyssey, Greece ready to be ‘normal’ again - Washignton Post [Paywall] [English]

Greece ends bailout odyssey but Athens not in festive mood - Nation News [English]

Greece puts bailout, bankruptcy in rear view mirror, but many Greeks are hardly celebrating - MSN News [English]

Greece heading for 'sustainable recovery,' says EU - Euro News [English]


Die Presse Warns Greece’s Reliance on Tourism Risky - GTP [English]

Tourist arrivals in Greece jump 22.3 pct in June - eKathimerini [English]


Motor boat out of control after passenger and captain fall overboard - Keep Talking Greece [English]

E. Venizelos: Launch of a pre-election period without terms and limits - Liberal GR [Greek]

Greek warship HS Prometheus docks in Haifa port - Protothema [English]

Minister calls for intensification of talks on return of Parthenon Marbles - eKathimerini [English]

Tsipras: Ithaca is the beginning - efsyn.GR [Greek]

"...Addressing the Greek people, the Prime Minister said that this modern "Odyssey" since 2010 has come to an end, that "the Memoranda have finally ended" and "our country regains its right to define its future"...

Walkway in Athens Greece

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NEWS ARCHIVE - August 2018


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