Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island, Greece

Archeological artifacts fund on Mykonos indicate human (the Neolithic "Kares" tribe) presense as far back as 3,000 BC.

Mykonos is a Greek island and a perrenial tourist destination. Part of the Cyclades islands, Mykonos isbetween Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

It spans an area of 41 square miles (105.183 km) (41 sq mi) and has a sea level elevation of 1,119 ft (341 m) at its highest point.

With very little fresh water sources, Mykonos residents and visitors primarily rely upon desalination of sea water. Year round residents number approximately 10,000, most living in the largest town, also named Mykonos, on the island's west coast.

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