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Greece and the economic crisis 2022

NEWS ARCHIVE - June 2022

June 10, 2022

Lightning storms across Greece

Story at Real [Greek]

Meeting between Mitsotakis and Olaf Solz in Thessaloniki

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

US State Dept "Territorial integrity of all countries must be respected"

Story at Real [Greek]

Car rental Carwiz is expanding in Greece

Story at Auto Rental News [English]

Inflation news ravages Wall Street

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Mitsotaki's Thessaloniki summit message to Turkey

Story at Skai [Greek]

Plans for 6 more waste treatment plants

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

10 major projects in Western Greece

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

British nationals arrested with banana-cocaine shipment

Story at ABC News [English]

308 cases of Police brutality listed for 2021

Story at Keep Talking Greece [English]

Major traffic jam on Attiki and National Road

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

Why is Erdogan "playing" with tensions in the Med?

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Changes coming in the new Road Traffic Code

Story at Kathimerini [Greek]

EU Commission spokesperson Peter Stano statement on "each member states respecting land integrity"

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

Pandemic case count at 3,492,268

Data and fatality statistics at EFSYN [Greek]

The "suicidal" decision of the EU for internal combustion engines banned by 2035

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Panhellenic status as of today

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

The new Chinese threat against Taiwan

Story at Real [Greek]

Naxos: how Sea Turtles control Jellyfish

Story at Keep Talking Greece [English]

Tourism surge to Greece from India and Armenia

Story at Greek City Times [English]

The serious consequences for the traditional character of Megalo Papigo

Story at EFSYN [Greek]

Sunset on Kefalonia Island

June 9, 2022

Mitsotakis responds to new threats from Turkey: our neighbor is unpredictable, isolated and angry

Story at Skai [Greek]

New polling shows fears of the populace, ND maintaining majority support

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Polling shows worries over Greece-Turkey tensions

Story at Liberal [Greek]

Erdogan threatens again, adding "you will regret it like a century ago"

Story at Iefimerida [Greek] and at AP News [English]

Court ruling on legality of strike by OASTH

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Pandemic case count at 3,487,775

Data at Skai [Greek]

Three Turkish men arrested for trying to pass weapons through Igoumenitsa

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

Heavy rain and storms ahead

Weather at Ta Nea [Greek]

Greece publishes map series to show intransigence of Turkey's claims on Aegean islands and water space

Story at New Age BD [English]

European Central Bank plans rate change in July

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Unprecedented rise in inflation

Story at Protothema [English]

Free mammograms for about 1.3 million women

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

May inflation rose to 11.3%

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Turkish revisionism since 1973

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

Plans for monitoring energy consumption

Story at Ethnos [Greek]

Car prices rise from lack of raw materials

Story at Imerisia [Greek]

Court rules annulment on seizure of the Iran tanker

Story at Real [Greek]

First Monkey Pox case in Greece

Story at Skai [Greek]

Turkish analyst: Greece violates terms of Ottoman agreement, "islands return to Turkey"

Story at Skai [Greek]

Opposition in Turkey to Erdogan's talk of Lausanne Treaty and the Aegean islands

Story at Eleftherostypos [Greek]

The 12th Athens Avant Garde Film Festival continues through 15 June

Story at National Herald [English]

Halkidiki stone tower on the shore

NEWS ARCHIVE - June 2022


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