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Greece and the economic crisis 2019

NEWS ARCHIVE - Dec 23 - Dec 31

December 31, 2019

Sailors taken hostage in Cameroon

Story at Protothema [Greek] and at UK Daily [English]

26-week treasury bills auctioned at zero percent

Story at Xinhuanet [English]

Refugee crisis will not abate in 2020

Story at Forbes [English]

Retail sales in Greece are up

Statistics at eKathimerini [English]

Trikala synagogue vandalized with graffiti

Story at Yahoo News [English]

Natural gas pumping in Mediterranean begins

Story at KTAR [English]

Parnitha casino to move

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Greek equities gaining investors

Story at Liberal [Greek]

Increasing chances for snow

Story at Ethnos [Greek]

Citing lack of proper traffic management, head of motorways fired

Story at Skai [Greek]

Acropolis illuminated at night

December 30, 2019

10-year government bond yield saw the second-largest shift

Story at Seeking Alpha [English]

Parts of Athens-Lamia highway closed

Weather information at Skai [Greek]

Pompeo to Cyprus in January

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Choice on President of the Republic soon: Mitsotakis

Story at Protothema [Greek]

More than 400 refugees come to Greece despite weather

Story at Greek Reporter [English]

Weather includes Low temperatures, snow and wind

Story at Skai [Greek]

Mandatory 30% electronic payments program to begin

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Bank of Greece reports tourism in 2019 showed increase in net receipts

Story at Protothema [English]

Plan to speed up Elliniko development in 2020

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Erdogan moving to support Tripoli government in Libya against forces of General Khalifa Haftar

Story at Protothema [English]

Snow in Greece mountain village
Tatoi Palace near Athens Greece

Tatoi Palace near Athens Greece

December 29, 2019

Social dividend payments may start Monday

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Cremation comes to Greece

Story at Los Angeles Times [English]

Greece seeks role in UN sponsored Libya peace talks

Story at MSN News [English]

Next stop: if maritime zone talks fail, Mitsotakis wants to turn to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague

Story at Reuters [English]

Lockheed-Martin contracted for F16 upgrades

Story at Global Security [English]

3.8 earthquake in Attika

Story at Protothema [Greek]

Mitsotakis interview

Interview at Tovima [Greek]

Yes to talks, no to extortion: Mitsotakis

Story at Skai [Greek]

Moses Elisaf: significant steps taken by the State to diminish anti-Semitism

Interview at Liberal [Greek]

Photos of the snow and rain

Story at Ethnos [Greek] and at Iefimerida [Greek]

Prime Minister Conte fears Turkey and Russia involvement in Libya

Story at Protothema [English]

Libyan parliament urging change in international recognition

Story at International Business Times [English]

Turkey's military aid to Libya moves forward without announcement

Story at Xinhuanet [English]

Glowing Acropolis in Athens Greece

December 28, 2019

Snow predictions for Attika

Details at Iefimerida [Greek]

Deal signed for F-16 fighter jet fleet upgrades

Story at Tulsa World [English]

Supermarket chain changes in 2020

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Composer Thanos Mikroutsikos has died

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Germany says no to accepting 5,000 refugee children

EU proposal turned down - Protothema [English]

Athens Greece
Athens Greece Sunset

December 27, 2019

Tom Hanks given honorary citizenship in Greece

Story at SF Gate [English]

"Santa run" in Athens

Story at Yahoo News [English]

Birth rate drop now closing schools

Story at Euractiv [English]

Saint Basil and Greek Christmas

Story at Protothema [English]

USA and Egypt agree on the need for an end to foreign exploitation of fighting in Libya

Story at The National [English]

Wintery snow for Attica region

Weather at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Snowfall on Parnitha

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Bank of Greece estimates Greece #4 in Mediterranean tourism

Story at New Money GR [Greek]

Tunisia tells Erdogan "no" for ports for warship

Story at Skai [Greek]

Turkish fighter plane airspace violations

Story at Protothema [English] and at Ethnos [Greek]

Athens Greece
Parnitha with snow

Parnitha with snow

December 26, 2019

Turkey parliament to vote on sending troops to Libya

Story at MSN News [English]

Libya makes official request to Turkey for troops

Story at Ethnos [English]

Weekend cold may include snow in Attica

Weather at Iefimerida [Greek]

2020 to include lower costs for private borrowing

Story at Liberal [Greek]

Tech entrepreneurs growing in Greece

Story at Politico [English]

Erdogan: Greece has no say in Libya agreement

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Libyan-Turkish agreements "indicate there is no Crete and no Cyprus"

Story at Skai [Greek]

Turkey wants naval base on Cyprus

Story at Qatar Tribune [English]

Lycabettus Mount in Athens Greece


December 25, 2019

USA hopes for Greece, Israel, Cyprus to help counter Turkey and Russia in East Med

Story at The Hill [English]

$700 billion in East Med gas reserves ratchets up tensions between Ankara and the EU

Story at MSN News [English]

Mitsotakis: message of national unity

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Erdogan close to putting troops nto Libya

Story at MSN News [English]

Temps include freezing in mountains

The weather ahead at eKathimerini [English]

Double contributions for worker insurance coming to an end

Story at Skai [Greek]

Mitsotakis spent Christmas in Kasos and Metsovo

Story at Protothema [English]

Stavros Niarchos Culture Center Athens

Stavros Niarchos Culture Center Athens

December 24, 2019

2020 budget includes new debt financing efforts

Story at Bloomberg [English]

Deal signed to upgrade Mirage 2000s

Story at SKAI [Greek]

Warning signs refugee crisis will intensify in 2020

Story at UK Telegraph [English]

Artifacts found at Thessaloniki Metro continue to cause controversy

Story at GTP [English]

Athens municipal authority will be hosting a Christmas luncheon for 1,200

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Turkish diplomatic car burned in Thessaloniki

Story at Alarabiya News [English] and at Yahoo New [English]

Hottest property areas

Story at in.gr [Greek]

Challenge to Prespa deal in Skopje

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Fortress and Bridge at Rio Antirio

Fortress and Bridge at Rio Antirio

December 23, 2019

Manufacturing activity drop worldwide not affecting Greece

Story at Greek Crisis [English]

Referee's home attacked after controversial game

Story at USA Today [English]

Pipeline deal across Aegean to be signed in January

Story at Israel National News [English]

Arrests for robbery for 4.2 million euros

Story at WRAL [English]

Jet2 adding six Greek destinations for 2020 travel

Story at TTG Media [English]

Strategies to prevent property seizures

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Proposed reforms to coordinate strikes to limit disruption

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Turkey: we can't handle more Syrian refugees

Story at Sydney Morning Herald [English]

Vaccine requirements for children

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Emergency aid beneficiaries expected to reach 300,000

Story at Protothema [Greek]

Heavy weather brings damage and flooding

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

Acropolis Walls in Athens Greece

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