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Greece and the economic crisis 2019

NEWS ARCHIVE - Oct 13 - Oct 18

October 18, 2019

Zaev threatens resignation after EU stalls on ascension

Story at Iefimerida [Greek] and at EFSYN [Greek] - About Macron's refusal at Curacao Chronicle [English] and at SF Gate [English]

Anarchist Rouvikonas group attack Health Minister's office

Story at Protothema [English]

Anastasiadis welcomes EU conclusion on Turkey's drilling in EEZ

Story at Phileleftheros [Greek]

Sixth adjustment of the 2019 EFKA budget

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Photos from the discoveries at the Antikythera shipwreck

Story at Skai [Greek]

Traffic fee changes

Story at Tanea [Greek]

Greece makes major gains in "upscale traveling" trends

Story at Forbes [English]

Golden Dawn trial continues

Story at Tovima [Greek]

Greece since 1830

Profile of the country at Wall Street Journal [English]

Plaka Athens Greece

Plaka from the air

October 17, 2019

Comparison of Greek, EU and USA property taxes

Story at Mansion Global [English]

New effort against beach pollution and plastics in water

Story at Yahoo News [English]

"Hercules Plan" targets €83 billion in bad bank debt

Story at Forbes [English]

IMF projections show Greece falling short on primary surplus

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Mitsotakis in Brussels

Story at Liberal gr [Greek]

Turkey's plan to counter USA sanctions

Story at Tanea [Greek]

The problem of "red mortgage" loans

Story at Tovima [Greek]

Tax reductions coming

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

October 16, 2019

Draft budget approved

Story at Parapolitika [Greek]

Turkey's invasion is crisis for NATO

Story at VOA [English]

IMF estimate of primary surplus for 2020

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Turkey defense minister's map of Turkey "We don't want to take anybody's land, but we take whatever is ours."

His map includes Aegean, Thrace, Cyprus: story at Tanea [Greek]

Cyprus puts drone fleet aloft to watch Turkey's drilling

Story at Forbes [English]

Erdogan meets with Pence and Pompeo

Story at Liberal gr [Greek]

Finance Minister Staikouras outlines economic goals

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Agreement on Greek expat voting

Story at eKathimerini [English] and at Tanea [Greek]

US nuclear arms in Turkey: how they might be removed

Story at Protothema [English]

Concerns over Jihadis entering Greece from Syria

Story at Tovima [Greek]

Defense cooperation with USA to add more sites: Larissa, Stefanovikio, Marathi

Story at Skai [Greek]

Costs listed for purchase of French naval frigates

Story at Protothema [Greek]

October 15, 2019

Dividend recapitalization and the changes due in the market

Story at Reuters [English]

Samos violence traced to conflicts between Syrians and Afghans

Story at Ta Nea [Greek]

Violence and arson at Samos camps

Story at Ethnos [Greek] and evacuations Journal Times [English]

PPC to move into natural gas

Story at eKathimerini [English]

France wants Albania and N. Macedonia EU ascension postponed

Story at Protothema [English]

Heating oil supplies begin

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Negotiating position changes on expat voting

Story at Iefimerida [Greek]

SYRIZA currency plan meant printing drachma in Russia

Story at SKAI [Greek]

Discussions on sanction on Turkey over Cyprus EEZ violation

Story at Phileleftheros [Greek]

Sophia Kokosalaki has died

Story at Yahoo News [English]

Italian doValue and Alpha Bank join forces on bad loans

Story at wsau.com [English]

October 14, 2019

Greece and France discussing Belharra naval frigate sales

Story at Defense Now [English]

Currency crisis coming?

Story at Bloomberg [English] and at Naftemporiki [Greek]

Low passenger rates to close some bus routes in Athens

Story at eKathimerini [English]

France wants Turkey to stop in Syria immediately

Story at Naftemporiki [Greek]

SYRIZA preparing strategy to confront gov't

Story at Ethnos [Greek]

Weather temps to go up

Detals at Skai [Greek] and "summer temps" at iefimerida [Greek]

October 13, 2019

Pro-Kurdish marches in Athens and Paris

Story at New York Times [English]

In the wake of the Thomas Cooke collapse

Story at Skai [Greek]

The EU and Famagusta

Story at Phileleftheros [Greek]

Fire bomb attack on police station

Story at eKathimerini [English]

Consensus out of reach on expat voting

Story at Liberal [Greek]

"Joker" movie leads Greek movie theatre box office

Story at Protothema [English]

Draft law concerning part-time work and undeclared labor

Story at Parapolitika [Greek]

Greece loses to Italy, next play Bosnia and Herzegovina

Story at Yahoo News [English]

Buildings in Athens Greece

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