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Greece and the economic crisis 2015

NEWS ARCHIVE - July 1 - July 6

July 6, 2015

Greece given hours to save its place in the euro - Bloomberg

"Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was given hours to come up with a plan to keep his country in the euro and stave off economic disaster as citizens suffer under a second week of capital controls.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “time is running out,” as she and French President Francois Hollande responded to Sunday’s referendum. Euro-region finance ministers gather for an emergency meeting on Tuesday, and their position “will depend on Greek proposals,” Hollande said.

Tsipras is running out of chances to reach a deal with creditors, who have insisted on tax hikes and spending cuts as the price for a new bailout of Europe’s most indebted nation. Greece’s economy is grinding to a halt, with bank closures extended through Wednesday to stem deposit withdrawals."

Omonoia Street

Square and Omonoia Street from the stairs of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece

Tsipras secures domestic backing for last-gasp effort at deal - eKathimerini

Varoufakis out as eurozone weighs cost of 'No' vote - MSN

Greece Says "No" To The Eurozone - Forbes

Why Greece can be your cheapest foreign holiday ever - Daily Bhasker

Greece has been taken hostage by a government disguising its incompetence as heroism - UK Telegraph

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July 5, 2015

Jubilation in Syntagma tinged with fear - Financial Times

Why the Yes campaign failed in Greece - Financial Times

Greek conservative opposition chief Antonis Samaras resigns - Economic Times

Emerging ‘No’ Vote in Greece Poses Merkel’s Biggest Challenge - WSJ

Outlook for Greece Will Be Uncertain Even After Referendum - WSJ

As Greece starts to vote there's a sense of dread about what's coming next - SF Gate

Greece should vote yes and Europe should be ashamed - eKathimerini

Greece votes in referendum with future in euro in doubt - Yahoo

The eurozone has become a murder-suicide pact - The Week

Crying Greek pensioner: the story behind the poignant photo - Yahoo

July 4, 2015

Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse - Financial Times

Ministry of Finance denies FT Report for plan to 'haircut' deposits -

Fearing return to drachma, some Greeks use Bitcoin to dodge capital controls - ekathimerini

Germany suggests Greece could exit eurozone 'temporarily - UK Telegraph

50,000 tourists cancel holidays each DAY as food RUNS OUT and cash is GONE - UK Express

Greeks deeply divided heading into crucial vote - eKathimerini

Poll shows 2 sides neck and neck before referendum - MSN

Mendicant Greeks will try to blackmail Europe - AFR Australia

9 photos show the chaos in Greece right now - Dodge City Daily Globe

July 3, 2015

New opinion poll shows Yes vote slightly ahead in Greece - Yahoo

Voters perplexed, rival campaigns rush to deliver message - FoxBusiness

The Lessons Greece Didn’t Learn - WSJ

Greece’s self-inflicted tragedy and the catharsis to come - Reuters

Greece's hideous choice: More austerity or collapse - CNN Money

July 2, 2015

Greek banks down to €500m in cash reserves as economy crashes - UK Telegraph

This Is the Method in the Greece Madness - Time Magazine

'Please - we need holidaymakers to come to Kos' - UK Telegraph

Greece: IMF report justifies Greek debt stance - SF Gate

Tsipras May Be About to Do Exactly What He Said He Wouldn’t - WSJ

Greece's hideous choice: More austerity or collapse - WBALTV

July 1, 2015

Greece's Tsipras digs in against bailout - Reuters

Europe just wants to punish Greece - Neo Kosmos

Tsipras insists on referendum after offering concessions - eKathimerini

Greece Wanted to Reframe Europe’s Austerity Debate. It Failed. - NY Times

Tsipras defiant as bank controls bite - BBC

Compromise Bid Faces Resistance After Trust Eroded - Bloomberg

Conditions of Greek referendum fall short of international standards - eKathimerini

How Greece went bust - Economic Times

TRUMP: The US shouldn’t worry about Greece because if Germany doesn’t save it, Russia will - Business Insider

NEWS ARCHIVE - July 2015


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