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June 6, 2010

Can the Drachma save Greece?

A Kathimerini article (read in english via Babelfish) about German economist Gioakim Starmpati, and the potential pluses for Greece if the Drachma is returned (I paraphrased the text heavily to make it easier to read):

"The only way to save Greece is for the country to become competitive. In order to accomplish this there must be a consideration of the benefits of returning to the Drachma. In particular this would benefit tourism.

Starmpati: "Foreign tourism would be increased with the Drachma, and the effect has been underestimated by those considering the ramifications of leaving the euro."

"...Greece does not follow her own policy anymore, but policies imposed by Washington DC and Brussels. I love the Greeks. They are proud and sincere and should stand on their own and be Greek."

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