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December 2, 2010

Greece and Israel increase ties

Miami Herald article which details the deteriorating situation between Turkey's relations with the west, and the Israeli response, which includes the pursuit of stronger ties with the Greek military:

"Because of its limited airspace, Israel has constantly sought close ties with countries with which it can hold training exercises. Israeli aerial exercises over Turkey have long been viewed as dry runs for a potential strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, and joint naval exercises off the coast of Turkey have allowed Israel to practice refueling and communication drills.

Israel is now turning to a number of countries, including Greece, to hold new joint drills.

A Greek training official, who described himself as "in charge of new purchases and new recruits" in Athens, told McClatchy last month that there has been a "boom" in military relations between Israel and Greece.

"We have similar goals, similar problems and similar enemies," he said. "We find ourselves working very well together."

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