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Greece and the economic crisis 2018

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The Trip to Greece - online streaming

The Trip to Greece - Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite in Greece for the fourth installment of THE TRIP series in a delightful odyssey of gut-busting comedy.

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November 6, 2018

Pension cut debacle

Story at eKathimerini on the wave of lawsuits demanding payment of cut pensions from 2012 - 2015, including the holiday bonuses, as the result of the Supreme Court decision that the previous cuts were not constitutional. The total amount of liability could be as high as €9 billion euros.

Constitutional revision debates starts Nov 14

eKathimerini on the coming debate over legally repositioning the gov't as a neutral party in regards to religious life (i.e., "separation of church and state") and also a change in how the Greek president could be elected/chosen and alteration of duties.

The Katseli Law is replaced

Story at Naftemporiki [in Greek] on the change to the "law of the First residence."

Eurobank and Small Business in Greece

Interview with Iakovos Giannaklis, General Manager of Retail Banking at Eurobank, and story at World Finance

Tax Havens (as listed by the EU)

Story at Iefimerida [in Greek] - The EU "Black List" now consists of five (Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, American Samoa, Guam and the American Virgin Islands). The list was started in 2017 with 17 nations listed, places pinpointed for lack of transparency and for not cooperating with the EU in fighting tax evasion. Only those five countries are on the "black list" now, though there is a "grey list" too, countries cited for "low transparency standards." More on this at Reuters.

"Trolling" Greece

Story (with some sarcasm) at Keep Talking Greece on The Council of Europe and Commissioner of Human Rights, to whit: "...the European officers have discovered that the austerity measures demanded by the same EU officers and institutions have hampered citizens’ access to health care system and education."

Mariella Fasoula of Greece a star player at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt basketball team center 6'5" tall Fasoula is profiled at The Tennessean

Greek and Turkey continue "sniping"

Story at Customs Today on the war of words over sea space.

What Greeks ate during the German occupation of WW2

The difficult era of the NAZI occupation of Athens is recounted with descriptions of kinds of food eaten and the mounting starvation because of the confiscation of food by the German army - More at Greek Reporter

The UN Refugee agency wants improvements at Samos& Lesbos

Story at the UNHCR site

Zante Zakynthos

Zante Zakynthos Greece

November 5, 2018

Greece gets USA temporary sanctions waiver on Iranian oil

Story at Yahoo

Greece to use AI computer intelligence at border crossings

Computer-based "artificial intelligence" will be used to observe border crossers to identify persons lying - story at Keep Talking Greece

Who is to blame for Greece's lack of access to credit?

eKathimerini story on where blame lies for the lack of trust for Greek debt creation.

Erdogan speaks out again on Cyprus resources

Turkey's "share" of Aegean energy exploration continues to be demanded - more at eKathimerini. Meanwhile, Erdogan is talking about a Turkish air defense system instead of the expected purchase of Russian systems - Protothema. Also, issues about Cyprus airspace discussed at Tovima.

Greece is 9th in wine for Europe

Italy is ranked #1 - Greek City Times

The Trip to Greece - online streaming

The Trip to Greece - Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite in Greece for the fourth installment of THE TRIP series in a delightful odyssey of gut-busting comedy.

Oxford Greek-English Learner's Dictionary - 1024 pages - Amazon

Piraeus yachts

Piraeus Harbor with Yachts Greece

November 4, 2018

Ancient statues found

A farmer in central Greece unearthed four ancient sculpted images - story at Greek City Times

Ionian Sea drilling slated for 2019

Protothema on hydrocarbon searches in the Gulf of Patras and Katakolo.

More earthquake activity at Zakynthos

Story at Naftemporiki

Australian election cycle and pledges to celebrate 2021 Greek Bicentennial

Story at Neo Kosmos

Albanaian prosecutor files charges against deceased Katsifas

Some information on the status of the body and the 5-minute survey of the corpse by a Greek coroner - story at Tovima

November heat sends people to beaches

Story at Iefimerida on the Saturday heat but followed by news of Sunday falling temps.

Railway link between Thessaloniki and Ruse

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Tsipras have agreed on a railyway line crossing from Greece to Bulgaria - Story at Novinite

Ceiling of the Propyla

Ceiling of the Propyla

November 3, 2018

Greece and Russia hosting Womens Swim Games

The first games of the FINA Women’s Water Polo World League 2019 start today in Athens and Volgograd - news at Swimswam

Greek pension system is expensive, says Rehn

Story at eKathimerini

November 2, 2018

Mortgage loans to be subsidized

The eligibility for this subsidization seems to be targeted at families earning €8,500 or less per year - Story at Keep Talking Greece

British Airways adding new flights to Greece

More at the UK Independent

Reunification first, then cooperation on energy exploration: Anastasiades

Story at eKathimerini on the statement from Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Cyprus Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides which indicates Turkey must first make peace with Cyprus / Greece before gaining a cooperative partnership on energy exploitation.

Four-way cooperation goal between Romania, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria on railway and more

Story at Athens News Agency [in Greek] on the efforts by Tsipras to coordinate an joint effort between the four countries (and including a possible fifth partner, Israel) for purposes of stabilizing the region and Eastern Mediterranean.

Progress on name-change in FYROM

eKathimerini on the multiple constitutional amendments moving through the parliament in Skopje, particularly the one which officially changes "Republic of Macedonia" to "Republic of North Macedonia."

Troubles mount on "Golden Visa" scheme

Story at Tovima on Jumbo vice-president Evangelos Papaevangelou involved in a scheme to bypass Chinese capital controls involving the sale of properties to Chinese nationals by utilizing POS bank terminals shipped to the Chinese mainland.

World cup 2020 effort being made by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania

Story at Keep Talking Greece .

Social Inclusion encouraged through schools

Story looks at "social cohesion" as buttressed by Greek and immigrant populations meeting through schools - story at Relief Web .

Most popular names in Europe

In Greece it is Papadopoulos - story at Tanea .

Joint military exercise between Cypriot National Guard and Israeli units

Story at Protothema where they note that this is third exercise conducted by the IDF and Cypriot National Guard on Cyprus, with other exercises having been held in Israel.

White washed Greece street Chora Summer FLowers

November 1, 2018

Thomas Cook to open 4 hotels

Hotels slated for Tigaki, Faliraki, Lambi Beach (Kos), and Chania - more at Argophilia

Ferry link study Greece / Cyprus

More at Cyprus Mail

After 12 years air link between FYROM and Greece is back

Thursday marks the beginning of flights between Athens and Skopje after a 12 year halt - More at UK Guardian

Police use tear gas in Thessaloniki during Katsifas shooting protest

Police stopped a protesters march headed for the Albanian Embassy which resulted in clashes - story at Washington Times

Convicted drug dealer John Macris killed in Athens by assailants

According to Australian and Greek news, Mr. Macris was "... known to police in both Greece and Australia" - story at Sydney Morning Herald and Yahoo News.

Ankara continues to decry drilling around Cyprus and any chance of Greek territorial water expansion

With ExxonMobil about to start drilling off Cyprus in a search for hydrocarbons, Turkey Defense Minister Hulusi Akar Story reiterates the Turkish claim on eastern Mediterranean water space and particularly Northern Cyprus areas - more at eKathimerini [For more background see this Oct 5, 2018 story at eKathimerini]

Does Brexit Britain stand to learn from Greece?

Financial Times article describing the 2009 economic melt-down as provoking political turmoil, but by 2018 Greece is in a "post-populist" stage with the article giving much positive appraisal of Tsipras' transformation from "radical to statesman," with an implied hope that such a result might be emulated in Britain for their own leadership.

Tsipras seeks "religious neutrality" for Greece

Article at which praises any move which reduces religious influence in Greece toward a situation of benign "neutrality," profiling Tsipras as best representing that possibility.

Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge across Corinth in Greece

Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge (aslo called the Antirio Bridge) across Gulf of Corinth

Fodor's Essential Greece: with the Best Islands (Full-color Travel Guide)

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Greece at Night

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